What to Expect

Your jewellery is yours and should be whatever you want it to be, be it a new wedding/engagement ring or the creation of something new out of a sentimental piece. My job is to create an environment in which we can turn your hopes and dreams into reality. This is very much a process we go into together but don’t worry it’s nothing to be daunted by. You can come with as many or as few ideas as you have, I have plenty and together we will make sure that you end up with piece that you cherish, something you will always have and know that you had an integral part of its creation.

Ideally you will come in to the workshop and we can have a relaxed chat about the kinds of designs you like and what you would like your piece to be like. It might be a good idea to bring with you some examples (photos etc.) of other pieces of jewellery that you like. We can then use these as a basis for designing your unique item. Once we’ve identified a design that you are happy with, it maybe sometimes necessary to create a ‘mock’ piece of jewellery. This could help see what the piece will look like; sometimes things can look different when you are holding them to what you imagined they were in your head. And it’s ok if at this stage you don’t like it we can go back and pick something else or rework one of the other ideas. The key thing is we get to a point where you are really excited about the jewellery you order. If you’re really excited about it then that positive energy is something that definitely translates into the work I do and ultimately the unique piece of jewellery that is created for you.

Once we’ve gone through the design process, possibly created a ‘mock up’ of the piece, I will then set about creating the final product. When this is complete you’ll come in to see it and have a fitting before its final polish ready for you to take it away and enjoy wearing knowing that you were part of its creation and that there is none other like it.

Of course I meet with people who want something made for a loved one but the process is much the same; a shared process leading to something wonderful and unique.

Bespoke Wedding Rings

Beautifully handcrafted works of art a few of which can be seen here. A popular option is a custom fit ring which is designed around your engagement ring. This fits snugly so when wearing them they do not twist or part ensuring they exhibit perfectly at all times.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Stunning engagement rings uniquely tailored to make that statement of intent.

Remodelling/Rejuvenation of sentimental jewellery

We all have items from the past that mean something special to us and when that’s jewellery I love being able to work with customers to make something special, extra special.

Keeping the heart of the material and reimagining it into something that is both special and works for you.

Other jewellery


I can engrave jewellery from my studio this could be a font, your handwriting or an image of your pet for an example. Get in contact to discuss all options.