About me

I’ve been making jewellery since the mid 90’s and began with an apprenticeship at a small jeweller in Nottingham. This whetted my appetite for creativity and from this went on to study in more formal settings at Mansfield Arts College and then to Plymouth College of Arts and Design. These were integral building blocks and essential for learning my craft however, right from the beginning I was drawn to twisting the rules of composition, creating new and exciting pieces. I had the fortune to exhibit these pieces in exclusive galleries and independent shops when I launched my first silver range in the very early days of my journey.

In the early years I worked out of a small shop in Mansfield however, it wasn’t conducive to the work I wanted to create and the process I wanted to go through in my making. I was fortunate enough to be able to set up a gallery and workshop close to my home, away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre and this is the set up to this day.

This relaxed environment lends itself to getting a good experience with customers, meeting them face to face and designing pieces with them to get the jewellery they want.

I’ve made many different sorts of pieces over the years from quirky contemporary pieces to classical design. Jewellery needs to fit in with our modern life whilst showing the individuality of the wearer. The journey I have travelled in my career and the journey we will travel together means that you will end up with something special, something unique and something you can treasure.