Call us on 07872 166832 or click here and we'll make an appointment to design your perfect ring.  

Who does the jewellery design work?
All jewellery is designed in-house by Lindsay Walker.

Where is the jewellery made?
At our workshop in Mansfield, Notts.

How long will it take to make?
Most rings take 3 to 4 months but can be sooner if required.

Does Lou Lou have a shop?
No. Our Gallery and workshop is easy to find with parking in the court yard. We are open to the public but you are required to make an appointment which normally takes about an hour, at no cost or commitment.

Can you copy a ring from a picture I have / I know exactly what I want ?
Lou Lou will not copy other peoples designs but are happy to see the sort of thing you like. It's best to come and talk to us and we'll make the perfect ring for you. Trust us!

I know the sort of thing I want but need to know how much it will cost?
Talk to us and we will be able to tell you how much your ideal ring will cost or help you adapt your design to suit your budget.

WIll you need to send my engagement ring away?
We do not need to retain your engagement ring if you are visiting the workshop. All design work is done in front of you in our open plan workshop and gallery.

Can I have engraving on the inside?
Yes absolutely. See further information

If we source our own stone will you set it?
Yes but unless the stone is of sentimental value, the chances are we will be able to source a more beautiful stone for your money. If you are considering sourcing possible stones whilst on your worldly travels give us a call and we can give you some pointers on how to get a good deal and price guide. Just be very careful on EBay sites as clever wording can be misleading.

I already have some stones I want to use in my grandma's ring - can you reset them for me?
Yes absolutely we are very sentimental.

Can you melt up the metal from an old ring to incorporate in my new design?
Unless the gold ring is of sentimental value it will usually be better to use our gold as meltdowns can contain unavoidable pit marks and will not be hallmarked. You are welcome to come and have a hands on input. Very few retail jewellers are makers and ever fewer are modern designer-makers.

Can we choose our own diamond?
We are happy to source a number of stones of differing size and quality within your specified budget for you to choose from.

When and how do I pay for my bespoke jewellery?
When we agree on a design then a 50% deposit is charged with the balance due on completion. We accept credit/debit cards, cheques & bank transfers.

What if the ring doesn't fit or I am unhappy with something?

We will always correct something which is not right to ensure your ring is exactly what you want.

Do you make rings from titanium?
No. Titanium is a very unworkable precious metal which means it wont resize, mend or be worked easily. This makes it very unsuitable for rings and jewellery which is designed to last a lifetime and will inevitable need resizing from time to time.